The Freshman 15

The Freshmen 15 is a series of topics designed to cover the 15 most common issues that freshmen struggle with each year. Every student who goes to college will struggle with something on this list at some point during their education. Our peer coach team is trained to help you understand and master techniques designed to make you as prepared as possible for the challenges that lie ahead. Our peer coaches will teach you about:

  • Campus resources
  • Homesickness and making friends
  • Time management
  • Tests and how to take them
  • Study habits
  • Reading a textbook effectively
  • Managing stress and staying healthy
  • Cultural competency
  • Financial stability
  • Roommate diplomacy
  • Finding a major and planning your education
  • Learning to learn
  • Beginning your career
  • Experiencing differences
  • Getting involved on campus

One2One Coaching

One2One Coaching allows you to meet one-on-one with a Peer Coach. Your Peer Coach will get to know you on a personal level to give you the best advice for your unique situation.

Trailblazer Connections

You can register for the Trailblazer Connections course during class registration and be automatically assigned a Peer Coach. During this course, your Peer Coach will work with you and a small group of students. Your Peer Coach will organize activities for you and your group during and after class. Your Peer Coach will also check in with you throughout the semester to make sure you are staying on track for the following semester and ultimately graduation.

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You will be introduced to a Peer Coach during Freshmen Orientation. Your Peer Coach will show you around campus and be your orientation guide for the day. Peer Coaches will be in touch with you during the weeks leading up to orientation and are always willing to answer questions you might have before you arrive to campus.